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    Illya King

    CyberChimps is a WordPress and Graphic Design asset store. I’ve been using them since 2010-ish for all my WP themes. They were one of the first companies to focus on responsive themes.

    Philip M. Hofer, http://frumph.net/, created a brillant plugin and an amazing webcomic package for WordPress called ComicPress. I guess you could call it the standard installation for webcomics.

    I, however, wanted to use my own themes. Thankfully Mr. Hofer created a variation of his product called Comic Easel (https://wordpress.org/plugins/comic-easel/). So… I used Comic Easel and the themes I’ve bought to create my own sites.

    Recently, I purchased a membership with CyberChimps for access to all their themes. My intention is to modify these reponsive themes to create webcomic sites which work on mobile devices.

    That is why I’m using CyberChimps.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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