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Adding Character Images

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    Illya King

    Upload your image of your character in the Media section on the Dashboard. Copy the File URL of the image when it is done loading.

    Second, you’ll need the character’s Slug. To find the Slugs, in Dashboard, go to Comics, then Characters. You’ll notice there are names and next to them are the Slugs

    Next, under Appearance, select Customizer or Edit CSS

    You’ll need to find the Where it says Slug, add in the character Slug name (i.e. captain-obvious). Where it says file-location add the location of the image from the Media Section.

    .character-slug {
    background: url(“file-location“) top center no-repeat;

    Then click on Publish. You can edit your character descriptions in the Character section under Comics in the Dashboard

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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