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Illya King
Illya King Mar 15
Starting a thread about submitting content to Comixology including accepted fonts, formats, and files.
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Jake Richmond
Jake Richmond Mar 15
Very interested in learning more.

Illya King
Illya King Mar 15
I'll go ahead and post these links. They are format guidelines. Comixology requires a specific set of fonts (if lettering by computer).

I've subscribed to InDesign CC to prepare my next comic for Comixology. Right now I'm trying to work out some issues with my images being to pixelated. I believe I worked out the issue but I won't know until they approve my next trade. 

Illya King
Illya King Mar 29

Thus far I haven't been rejected. When I set up my InDesign file, I set it up for "print" rather than "web". I think this might be why I had an issue before. When I set up my document for the web, my imported images were only thumbnails. Setting my doc for print, my images were the same size as the doc. 

Illya King
Illya King Apr 25
Hey all,

I got another comic approved for Comixology. 

I want to try my hand at formatting other people's comics for Comixology. Eventually, I want to provide this as a service. So I would like to offer my computer and InDesign know how to a volunteer. I'd get your comic formatted for Comixology and in return some suggestions on how to promote this service on my websites. 

Please see the thread above for formatting. I think it has to be in a comic layout and Comixology only allows certain fonts. 

If anyone is coming to the comic group on Sunday, I'll be there.