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    Illya KingIllya King

    Comic Easel/ComicPress has a default navigation bar. There is an additional option to use a custom Navigation Button Menu. Users can even add their own custom menus. The default custom Nav Buttons are: Box, Comical, Default, NPC, SciFi, and Silver (Example of other Nav Buttons Default not shown).

    First Buttons Demostration from Comic Easel

    Step 1– Go to Comics in the left menu and select Config.

    Custom Menu: Config Demo

    Step 2– Under the Navigation Tab, select Disable Default Navigation. Also select which button set you wish (your custom buttons will be listed there).

    Custom Menu: Disable Default Nav

    Step 3– Go to the Appearance section and select Widgets.

    Custom Menu: Find Widget Section

    Step 4- Drop and Drag the Comic Easel Navigation widget to either the Over Comic and Under Comic sections. Select the appropriate buttons (There is a slight flaw in Comic Easel if you delete the button names- You may need to re-delete them).

    Custom Menu: Drop and Drag Widget

    Custom Menu: How it should look

    Additional- You may need to go to the Comic Easel Config Menu and make sure the Enable Comic Sidebar Locations is clicked on.

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