Comix Easel V.2

Mass Deletion

I cut some functions in the Comix Easel V.2 Plugin.

The biggest change is removing the Transcript option. Users were able to add their transcripts to a post. However, they needed to add a short code somewhere so the Transcripts would appear. This seemed redundant. Users can post their transcripts in the blog part of a comic post. So, this choice was removed.

I removed other options like adding HTML to the top and bottom of a comic post. This function did not work in my test themes. I removed the Multifunction option, the Add Flash comics, and Link to options. None of these options worked in with my test themes too.

I did check to see if the plugin generated any errors. I had a few issues that were fixed. I believe that the plugin will not generate any more errors.

Please check out the plugin. As always, give me a shout-out if there are any issues.


New Tile set for Comix Easel V.2

I have added a new tile set for the Navigation buttons widget. The icons were created by Yurakr. The icons were for Adobe Creative Cloud members.

Metal Gaming Icons 3D
Cartoony castle buttons for creating video games set 4. By Yurakr.
Flat Metal Gaming Icons
Cartoony castle buttons for creating video games set 4. By Yurakr.

In Comix Easel V.2. Users can select their icons in the Config>Navigation menu. The Navigation widget needs to be in place. The default navigation should be disabled when adding the Navigation widget.

Comix Easel V.2 Navigation Menu option.
Navigation Widget options in Comix Easel V.2.

The original Navigation Buttons are still listed, but has the prefix “Original.”

For users who need more icons, here are some additional buttons.

Metal Gaming Buttons
Cartoony castle buttons for creating video games set 4. By Yurakr

The other cosmetic changes I’ve made was changing the menu title from Comics to Comix Easel. I will continue to use Font Awesome Icons instead of the custom image Comic Easel has.

Comix Easel Menu Title in the WordPress Dashboard.