Comix Easel Update

The Comic Easel V.2 plugin fork has been modified and rebranded as Comix Easel V.2. This change was made to align the plugin to The Comix Scene website.

I eliminated the Buy Now function. There has been many changes in E-Commerce. It is impossible for me at this time to modify the payment structure in this plugin. So I removed it.

I modified the Config page to include a short description, a list of widgets, and short codes. I talked to some comic creators with no knowledge of coding. They were unaware that Comic Easel contains widgets like a custom menu option.

I have no plans of modifying Comix Easel V.2 to work with Gutenberg. The Custom Post Type remains a sufficient method to post comics.


Now Open

The ComiX Scene is now open for account registration. The ComiX Scene is a social network for Webcomic creators. This website is for comic creators who use WordPress and Comic Easel (Comic Press). Users can learn how to maximize their WordPress installs for their stories. The site has a profile page designed to build an online resume for creators. Creators are able to post Help Wanted or Services Offered in the advert section. The ComiX Scene also allows users to host their own webcomics (upon approval). The site also offers the option for creators to build their webcomics using Toocheke.

The ComiX Scene uses WordPress and BuddyPress. The site also uses the Youzer Plugin, by Kaine Labs.